New CMJ Integration: Time to SLA & The Enhancer Plugin for Jira

3 min readOct 25, 2021

We joined forces with the Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) product team to bring two highly requested and anticipated integrations with Time to SLA and the Enhancer Plugin for Jira (Server and Data Center)!

Time to SLA and the Enhancer Plugin for Jira are now integrated with CMJ.

CMJ is an app that needs no introduction and we’re excited for our customers to be able to utilize this trusted solution for complex data migration challenges, including change management, governance, and scaling.

Migrate Your Time to SLA Data at Scale

Time to SLA is the best-selling service level agreement tracking app on the Atlassian Marketplace, allowing businesses worldwide to define, visualize, track, and report on SLA performance within Jira and Jira Service Management. The app is jam-packed with custom fields, countdowns, calendars, and notifications to empower ITSM teams to keep on top of their SLAs.

These awesome features allow teams, especially larger and enterprise clients, to build up rich and complex configurations. Whilst this allows for great customization, it can be a challenge when migrating or merging these configurations from one on prem Jira instance to another.

Cue Configuration Manager for Jira! This new integration means that Time to SLA users will be able to easily migrate their data at a system level, including global app data, or project level, which allows users to select a relevant project and corresponding configurations. CMJ also ensures a smooth process with all data and customizations maintained.

Enhancer Plugin for Jira Migrations Made Easy

The Enhancer Plugin for Jira adds workflow enhancements, custom fields, and KPI metrics to augment Jira and Jira Service Management. As one of the first apps ever in the Atlassian Marketplace, we’ve developed tons of great features for this app over the years.

With tons of great features comes tons of complex and highly customized configurations which are great for personalizing your instance to suit your specific business needs, but can be tricky when it comes to migrating. This new CMJ integration will help Enhancer Plugin for Jira customers simplify this process. The app’s innovative solution enables users to perform automated migrations with zero data loss, a guarantee that’s becoming increasingly important as the number of Jira migrations and mergers within the Atlassian ecosystem grows.

‘’For large enterprises, one of the most common pain points is automated promotion, including SLA contracts between different Jira platforms such as Development, Test, and Production. CMJ is a great product to address this issue and thanks to this Time to SLA integration, our customers can now take snapshots of their environment to migrate intrinsic components of SLA configurations such as custom fields, permissions, calendars, and reports. I am really excited for our customers to start leveraging this brand new integration for both Time to SLA and the Enhancer Plugin for Jira.’’ — Onder Ozcan, Senior ITSM Product Manager at Appfire

Migrating Your Time to SLA or Enhancer Plugin for Jira data?

Are you planning to migrate your Time to SLA or Enhancer Plugin for Jira data? Get in touch with our Support Team today and we’ll be happy to assist and advise you on how to do just that with CMJ!




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